Anthesis Company

Flower Wrap


Have the beauty of nature and art at your fingertips with our Flower Wrap hand-tied bouquet — a free-flowing floral arrangement blending 15 to 20 stems of premium fresh flowers, consciously bundled in recycled kraft paper and sealed with a bow. Each contains secured hydration, vase not included.

Photos and visual representation of products represent an overall style and look, which we may not be able to replicate in some instances identically.

The overall design style will always be preserved. Seasons, market conditions, and availability may cause each arrangement to vary. We will always make sure that the whole scheme will match the aesthetic. Any substituted items will be of equal or higher value.

Floral subscriptions will be delivered on Mondays by 4:30 pm, based on the rotation cycle of your choosing e.g., weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly. 

Complimentary use of our vessels will be swapped out by our designer on every rotation. We ask you leave your vessels at your front door / front desk available for pick up. If vessels are not available for pick up two (2) consecutive rotations, you hereby authorize Anthesis Co. to bill your credit card for the value of the vessels.

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