Anthesis Co. is named after the brief, beautiful period when a flower is in bloom.

Our Roots

Founded in Spokane in 2018 by sisters Lina Ulyanchuk and Viktoriya Kukharsky, our design-led approach is guided by the message of our moniker: to see every floral arrangement as an investment that is cherishable, not perishable, evoking perennial feelings and creating memories to last a lifetime. 

Stemming from past careers in design, we combine the beauty of nature and art — intentionally curating every element so that each bespoke bouquet is always sublime, without anything superfluous. Conscious of intended people and spaces, our elevated arrangements capture your vision through our interpretation. Led by human-centered design, we thoughtfully research each client to best represent their unique story.

Fresh flowers are the rich medium for our creative expression, painting a portrait and telling the story of what you want to see or feel. They are more than a passion, but an obsession. As such, we collaborate with both local and international growers to find specific blooms based on your desires — expertly knowing when and where to find them.

Our Philosophy

Our floral arrangements are informed by local seasonality and influenced by global culture, taking cues from architecture, high fashion and art. A New York City confidence is harmonized with an Old World charm, embodied in structural bouquets that bloom with originality and kaleidoscopic bursts of natural color, texture and shape. Each is a moment of editorial elegance — a visual narrative expressing our floral fixation. Planting the seeds of a better tomorrow, we are committed to improving our sustainable decisions today.

Many florists will send their arrangements in vases that are never reused. Instead of creating more waste, our bouquets are delivered in pots that can be repurposed to grow new plants. We are primarily a foam-free florist and avoid many of the harmful chemicals associated with our industry. We also consciously pack our arrangements using floral netting, water and with recycled materials and kraft paper where possible. We also work with local growers to use whatever is available seasonally and regionally as the foundation of our work.