Anthesis Co.

Lavish Subscription


Blossoming with our biggest botanical designs, our Lavish floral subscriptions include approximately 25 to 30 stems — inspired by what is in bloom seasonally, changing weekly. Rooted in sustainability, each arrangement is delivered for free in a complimentary vessel that is returned on every rotation, reducing our packaging waste and eliminating single-use vases.

Photos and visual representation of products represent an overall style and look, which we may not be able to replicate in some instances identically. Flowers are more likely to arrive in bud form to ensure they will last longer. Buds will bloom within couple days of delivery.

The overall design style will always be preserved. Seasons, market conditions, and availability may cause each arrangement to vary. We will always make sure that the whole scheme will match the aesthetic. Any substituted items will be of equal or higher value.

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